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Career Options For Psychology Majors


Are you considering making psychology your major at university? If so, you will have several great career options to choose from when you have completed your studies. They will not only offer good salaries, but will also be very rewarding. The best opportunities will be available to those who choose to continue on and get their master's or doctorate degrees. Here are some of the career options you can look into once you have earned your psychology degree.


Not all psychology careers revolve around working with patients. Often, psychologists work in research, and there are many career opportunities in this field, including in private research labs, businesses, government departments, and universities. Studies are done on many different types of behavioral and mental issues, as well as processes in the brain, substance abuse, and more. You could end up having your findings printed in a number of publications, including learning materials and academic journals.

Clinical Work

Another option is to get into clinical psychology. This tends to be one of the main specialties in the field of psychology. With this career option, you would be helping people with a variety of behavioral and mental issues, both in diagnosis and treatment. Many clinical psychologists specialize in working with children or other specific groups of patients.


This is a career that will let you help people manage their mental issues. You will talk to those who have already been diagnosed with mental issues, emotional issues, substance abuse, etc. This type of psychology can help patients get to the root of their problems so they can learn how to deal with them and be able to manage their everyday lives. You could choose to work in a hospital or clinic, private practice, and group practice.


If you enjoy working with young people, you may be interested in becoming a school psychologist. You could end up working with special needs children, creating learning plans that will work for them and ensure that they get the best education possible, or work with children who have behavioral issues, etc. This can be challenging, but also very rewarding.

Developmental Studies

There are several focuses in this area of psychology. If you choose this path, you might want to study the psychological development of seniors. Or, you may want to strictly work with child psychological development. Basically, this field of study focuses on the social, physiological, and cognitive development of people, and uses the findings to help people have a better quality of life.

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24 April 2015