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When You Might Need a Migration Agent for Relocating


When you're considering relocating to a foreign country and staying indefinitely, you will need to ensure you have the proper paperwork for yourself and any family members or others who might travel with you. Each country will have its own laws and requirements for indefinite visits or for those who are considering a permanent move, which is why a migration agent might be a good choice. This type of professional can help you with paperwork and ensure everything is in proper order. Note a few times when it's good to hire a migration agent and why they can be of help to you.

1. When you want to move a partner to a foreign country with you

The laws about moving a partner into a country with you can often be different than the laws that applied to you when you moved. It's easy to think that if you went back to your country of origin and married someone, then they would automatically qualify for a partner visa to your new country. This isn't always the case however, and especially if you marry someone from another country entirely. The validity of your marriage can even be called into question, if you didn't know the person for very long. Rather than trying to navigate the laws about a partner visa, hire an immigration agent instead.

2. You may have left your own country illegally

Not all countries allow their citizens to simply leave and go live someplace else, and this is especially true if a person has criminal charges levied against them. If you feel that you might need some type of asylum, it's best to talk to a migration agent to see about the laws in your new country. You may not be able to simply claim asylum and be given protection as you might assume, but if your new country has no extradition treaty with your country of origin, you may have protection. A migration agent can review your case in particular and note how the laws would apply to you.

3. If the language barrier is a problem

Remember that when you file paperwork for a long-term visa or apply for citizenship in a new country, it may cost you fees every time you file. If you omit information or give incorrect information simply because of a language barrier, this can delay your application and also cost you money to file again. A migration agent can typically provide a translator who will ensure your paperwork is filled out correctly and nothing is misunderstood or overlooked, so the process is as simple as possible.


3 June 2015