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How Introverts can Succeed in the Job Seeking Process


Being introverted and career focused doesn't always seem to go hand in hand; however, it has been found that in some places around one third to one of half the population are introverted (this means they tend to gain energy from solitary situations rather than from group situations, not that they are necessarily shy), and all of these people will need to have some kind of job. In today's culture of teamwork and brainstorming and networking, it can be hard for an introvert to find their place in the world of work. Difficult, but more than possible. And, of course, to have a successful and satisfying career, you have to go through the job seeking process. Here are some things introverts can do to make this process less stressful and more fruitful.

Use an employment agency. For introverts, the idea of selling themselves can be something that makes them want to curl up into a ball. The introverted personality is more likely to be modest about their own achievements, but when you are competing against extroverts in the job market, it's important to make yourself shine. You may have many more qualities that are perfect for the job than your extroverted competition, but if the extroverted candidate can talk the talk, walking the walk may not be enough to secure the job. This is why employment agencies can be so useful for introverts. Employment agencies have relationships with many attractive employers, and they know exactly how to sell you on your behalf — which means that you don't have to.

Invest in interview training. There are very few jobs you can secure without going through the interview process. For introverts, this can be a hugely daunting task because introverts are typically less comfortable speaking to people for the first time, and again, would be reluctant to give anyone a hard sell. For this reason, it can be worth investing in some interview training, not so that you are faking anything, but just so you can speak with more confidence in the understandably nerve-racking situation of a job interview.

Understand what job would be best for you. Everyone has ideas about themselves in their heads, but it's important to ask how much of that idea is fantastical and how much is grounded in reality. Being an introvert is no bad thing. You can come up with creative ideas in your quiet time, you can focus on complicated tasks and you can listen to the problems of others. But this might mean a career in sales that involves lots of talking to others and networking with people might not be a great choice. Think about how your personality can fit into your career and your success will be sure to ramp up.


22 March 2016